About Northland Anesthesia Associates


Northland Anesthesia Associates was formed in 1967 and has been providing full scope anesthesia services to Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan for over 50 years. With the growth of the hospital and its merger with Ascension, Northland Anesthesia Associates continued the tradition of providing excellent patient focused care within the larger healthcare system. Our board-certified anesthesiologists are affiliated with Ascension Providence Southfield, Ascension Providence Park Novi, and the Novi Bone and Joint Orthopedic Center – Novi.

We employ today’s best practices in optimizing patient care using evidence-based medicine to guide us. We constantly are evaluating our outcomes to improve the quality of our care. Northland Anesthesia Associates specializes in Anesthesiology, Pain Management and Pain Medicine with 21 physicians.

We understand that in order to continue to provide safe and efficient service we must be fully engaged in the organizational community as a whole, and we are engaged with the medical staffs of the various facilities we service. Northland physicians serve on numerous committees, provide hospital leadership on various initiatives the institutions request, and are invested in the culture of not only the medical staff but the entirety of every organization and practice we serve.

Northland Anesthesia Associates has successfully expanded service in the hospitals we service to out-of-OR locations including endoscopy suites cardiology interventional labs and radiology procedures areas. We are constantly improving patient safety and satisfaction in these additional areas. We pride ourselves with our extensive experience in regional anesthesia for managing acute postoperative pain with a high degree of patient satisfaction in postoperative pain management.


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